Welcome back avid readers! I promise this blog will not be somber, in fact it will be quite the opposite! We have officially decided on our charity event: "Family Fun Fair" from Team AIBA, if you didn't catch their pitch on the facebook page, go check it out! 

Firstly, congratulations! This team came in extremely prepared, with sponsorship's lined up, surveys from parents in the area, and a passion for fun! It is no wonder that they won! 

The concept is to have a collection of games and activities in the SU ballrooms, with food, drinks and a 50/50 raffle. I'm talking: virtual reality, mini golf, and an obstacle course... it's going to be sick. (You should come... and also bring your friends). If you want more information, clink the link in the menu! There's lots more information there. 

We have a month and a half before the event takes place, but believe me, we have already jumped in head first and begun preparations for it. (I'm on the marketing team so firstly I'm super pumped and also expect to hear lots more from me). Talk about a real life application for my degree (I'm a marketing major). This is also a plug for you to join IME! 

So to recap, we're planning a super fun, family oriented event, for a good cause (Special Olympics), and also we're practicing all of those super useful management skills that we pay thousands of dollars a year for, again another plug for you to join IME.  If you're interested in the event or in joining IME click the links in the menu! 

Anyway, ta-ta for now! 

A super cool, super fun, super organized marketing major