What We Do

The IME program is a year-long curriculum only offered on the Lethbridge campus. Each semester, students must take two (six-credit hour) modules. For the first semester, students must take Management 3091, the equivalent of taking Management 3031 and 3061. For the second semester, IME students must take Management 3092, the equivalent of Management 3050 and 3650. 

IME allows you to apply your theoretical knowledge as you study. Because you work in modules, you might have a lecture on Monday then find yourself applying that knowledge on Thursday. The IME program lends a higher degree of immediacy to your studies.

At the beginning of the spring semester each group has an opportunity to pitch their ideas for a community project. After all of the presentations have been made, everyone votes on whose plan will be implemented. Those on the winning team become project managers, responsible for assigning various organizational tasks to the rest of the class. Proceeds from the community project go to a designated non-profit organization.

Projects are chosen on the basis of their integrative content; the potential to provide students with a more complete understanding of business processes in the context of solving business problems. A program coordinator provides ongoing support throughout the process.

IME enhances your marketable skills

One of the most important components to the IME program is the ability it gives students to enhance invaluable skills that can transfer to the business world. The following list is just a few of the skills students will attain:

 - Public Speaking: One of the most important tools for success in the business world is the ability to communicate with others. The IME program gives students numerous opportunities to enhance their public speaking ability through community events, networking, workshops, and group presentations. 

 - Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills: The ability to work in teams is an important component to any businesses success. At the beginning of the fall semester, IME students are divided into groups. Students will work within these groups throughout the remainder of the year. The interpersonal skills developed through additional group work will provide students with a competitive advantage over their peers when entering the workforce.

 - Time Management: Since the Integrated Management Experience provides a demanding work-ethic from students, every IME student develops invaluable time management skills early on within their careers. Throughout the IME program, students may be juggling several projects at once. The ability to manage time is something IME students learn early on in the program.

 - Decision Making: Through community projects, the IME program provides students with the ability to collaborate as students to solve real world issues. Although provided direction from an instructor, the IME program gives students the ability to make important business decisions on their own. These decision making and problem-solving skills are an important competency to master before entering the business world. 

IME's Goal

The goal of Integrated Management Experience is to provide students with the skills necessary to succeed in the business world. The exceptional experience provided in this program is one reason so many students choose to pursue a management degree at the University of Lethbridge. By participating in community events, enhancing knowledge within the classroom, and creating stronger relationships with your fellow students, the IME program lets you try out your major, test your theoretical knowledge and determine which environment suits you best.

As a student once said, "IME should really stand for 'I'm More Employable'. 

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