How it works:

For each academic year IME works in collaboration with a local non-profit organization as chosen by the director of IME. This is done with the intent for IME to develop a solution(s) to a problem that is being faced by the non-profit. To find out more about our current non-profit affiliation see the Current Non-Profit Affiliation: Interfaith Food Bank Page.

What IME students gain:

IME students gain real-time experience working with an organization on a problem that is currently being faced. This provides context and significance to the challenge that is being addressed as well as practical application of classroom learning. In addition, students gain valuable experience working in a team in their assigned groups, as well as in the larger context with the non-profit. Experience in collaborating is also gained, as each group is encouraged to seek answers to questions from the non-profit directly and indirectly. 

What non-profits gain:

Non-profit organizations that seek IME consultation receive consultation with no exchange of money. IME students work in groups, with each group developing their own solution. This means the organization will gain access to multiple solutions to the issue presented and can choose to utilize the one most preferred. If these solutions do not meet expectation there is no obligation to utilize them. In addition Non-profits gain access to university contacts, which may be beneficial in the promotion of the organization. 

Application process for non- profits:

Please note, IME gives preference to grass roots non-profit organizations.

 The application process is simple. See steps below:

1) Email the IME Director,

2) Provide a brief description about your organization

3) Why you think IME is a good fit for your organization

Once the above questions are answered, the IME director will respond and let you know how to proceed. 

Additional information:

If you require further information about the application process as a student or non-profit please see our Contact Information page.