Academic Endeavors 

The IME program is a year-long curriculum only offered on the Lethbridge campus. Each semester, students take two three credit classes (for a total of six-credit hours). For the first semester, students must take Management 3091, the equivalent of taking Management 3050: Human Resource Management, and 3920: Project Management. In the second semester students take Management 3031 and Management 3650. Students also have the option to register for an applied study (in the Spring Semester) which takes place throughout the entire year, and is worth three credits.

Fall and Spring Semester - Applied Study Management 3890

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Fall Semester Management 3091


IME Applied Study - MGT 3890

IME students who wish to register for an Applied Study in the Spring Semester will earn an additional three credits in the IME program. Students will be given three credit recognition for experiential worked completed over the two semesters (Fall and Spring).

Some additional scholarly activity (including a major paper) supporting the experiential work completed both semesters will need to be completed, but you will be able to receive recognition for the experiential (applied) work being completed during the school year!

This Applied Study is optional, you do not have to register for it but it makes sense to as it can potentially reduce your course requirements for graduation by a three credit course.

Human Resource Management - MGT 3050 

This course contributes to student's understanding of how human resources departments function to adhere to an organization's goals, as well as legal issues, recruitment, selection, training, performance, etc.

PRoject management - MGT 3920

Project Management will cover various issues surrounding managing projects and will provide students with a basic toolkit to approaching business problems and tasks. Topics will include organization, resources, structure, and evaluating and auditing projects. 

spring Semester
Management 3092


Managing Responsibly in a Global Environment - MGT 3031

This course covers what it means to conduct business responsibly and what the role of business is in society. 



Introduction to International Management - MGT 3650

This course covers issues regarding cross cultural management and international trade, marketing, and economics.