New Year, New Class, New Cohorts, New Challenges

New Year, New Class, New Cohorts, New Challenges

Hello readers of the IME student blog, whether you be current IME students, parents of current IME students, prospective students, faculty, or members of the community! I'm Kaleigh, and I am managing the class website along with my teammates: Spencer, Emily, and Reanne. We are very excited to be sharing updates with you all as the year goes on. We will be working hard on our studies, case competitions, consulting with Lethbridge Therapeutic Riding Association, and balancing everything else that goes on in the busy life of a student, so all you need to do is sit back, read, and enjoy! 

We started out our IME journey by getting acquainted with each other and our professors for the semester: Jim Clark, Adriane MacDonald, and of course, Mike Madore! Luckily there was food that morning to help everyone wake up!

There was some housekeeping to take care of, but soon enough we were taking our personality tests to get matched up in our cohort groups that we will be working closely with over the next 8 months. For those of you who don't know what these groups are, they divide the class into groups of about 4 or 5 people who have complimentary personality traits. We determined these traits by taking the Gallup Strength Finder test, which is a great way to gain insights on one's personal strong points. Essentially, these groups will be working together to manage the multiple social media platforms we have for IME, as well as doing important casework with each other. 

The morning we found out who was in our cohort groups we were given the opportunity to do an icebreaker activity to get us all working together right away! Mike sent all the groups on a scavenger hunt, with first prize being a free Subway lunch (well... free for everyone except Mike)! The groups set off on their campus-wide search for hidden gems and iconic landmarks. Some clues left people guessing, while others led the groups directly to some well-known spots. 

Although our group was not successful in winning ourselves an all expenses paid Subway lunch, we are thankful for the opportunity to have had some fun and get to know each other better by working on this activity together! I'm sure all the other groups could say the same!

In other news, we are well underway in our Management Information Systems component of the class curriculum. We also just completed our first live case, which we will post about soon! We have also updated the Current Students section of the website, so feel free to check that out so you can read more about each member of the IME class. 

That's all I've got for now! Stay tuned to the blog for more updates on the progress of the IME class. Looking forward to an amazing year! 


My Journey to IME

Welcome to the IME 2016/2017 blog. As the first post of the year there isn't really much to say except that things haven't picked up just yet. So to start things off I thought I would share with all of you avid readers about my own, personal, slightly skewed journey that led me to IME. 

When I was in grade 11, my mother suggested that I become an English teacher, and I thought GREAT! An outlet where I could creatively write and read at the SAME TIME all while getting paid! (For all English teacher hopefuls creative writing and reading are not the only components out there FYI). So I applied to the U of L and I was accepted right away. And so began my journey at the University and I lived happily ever after...

...But not actually. My English course was a disaster, and I felt like a failure. This was supposed to be my major, THIS was something that I was supposed to be good at. So I switched my major to music and started taking my GLERs (General Liberal Education Requirements). When the audition for studio came around I completely dropped the ball and wasn't accepted. I felt confused, for the second semester in a row I had failed at something that I was supposed to be good at. So I decided to take the following year off.

On my year off I worked, and worked, and worked. I barely had time for anything and so my personal life took a step back while I focused on paying off the student loans I incurred from my singular year of studies. In January, one of the restaurants I worked at decided to get an Instagram to post pictures of the daily specials. This was something I got involved with right away as an AVID "Instagrammer". Posting and editing photos to entice customers to come and eat with us was something I really enjoyed. As I became more interested, I came to discover that these sorts of activities were related to a career in marketing. So I reapplied to the University of Lethbridge and got accepted once again. 

Then it began, I took my first semester and although I struggled and had difficulty with multiple classes, for the first time I actually felt like I wanted to succeed and do well. For the first time since starting university I felt like I belonged to a program that was the right fit for me. In my second semester Mike Madore (the IME program director) came and visited my intro to marketing class and told us all about IME. I thought this was another great opportunity to get out there, get some experience, and give back to the community that I belong to. So naturally I signed up that evening. 

So far we've received our groups and the social media assignments, and I could not be more excited to be running this website with my group. Later this week we start our first lecture and that's also pretty thrilling. I guess what I'm trying to say is that you can fail and switch and even screw up and still belong to something as cool, as interesting, as inclusive, and as useful as IME.  

So don't worry, we'll keep you updated, but for now I'm going to sign off. 


A slightly confused, slightly disorganized, but VERY passionate marketing major 

Final Semester Recap

The IME Class has been incredibly busy this past semester, and it is absolutely crazy to think that the year is already coming to an end. It's been a wonderful year full of countless valuable experiences that have helped us all grow as young professionals. 

The class worked very hard together to organize and present the "Bowling For a Cause" Fundraiser, in partnership with the Lethbridge and District YWCA's Harbour House. The event took place on March 19th at Holiday Bowl where teams signed up to compete in a charity bowling tournament. The event also included a silent auction, as well as a wrap-up evening hosted at The Spice Grill where 10% of all proceeds at the restaurant that evening was donated. The class was also lucky enough to work with the Enmax Centre to set up a booth at the final Hurricanes Home Game of the season, as well as auction off an entire Box Suite for the Marianna's Trench Concert. Overall "Bowling For a Cause" was a great success, and together we helped raise over $1500 for Harbour House!

In other news, members of the IME class all had the opportunity to compete in the KPMG Case Competition. Three out of the Top Four teams in the competition were members of the IME Class, and we are very proud to announce the an IME team took home first place! Congratulations to Katherin Colburn-Swartz, Alex Glydon, and Jacquelyn Walker on their amazing accomplishment! Sixteen out of the past Eighteen winners of the KPMG Case Competition have come from the Integrated Management Experience Class. As you can see, this program helps us develop valuable skills that pay off!

Throughout the semester, we also had the opportunity to listen to several incredible guest speakers. Greg Stonehocker is a reputable ActionCoach for businesses, and provided us with some valuable insight into the importance of Networking. Michelle Phaneuf of Workplace Fairness Alberta helped our class learn how to 'Structure Conversations for Business Success'. Finally, Amanda Schewaga from The Marketing Girl came and spoke to our class on Marketing, with an emphasis on Social Media. Many of the IME students also attended various PDP industry nights on and off campus. These included the ATB Money workshop, marketing conferences, international business nights, finance nights and many more. All of these events provided the IME class with the opportunity to network with industry professionals, as well as learn and expand our marketable skills.

As the semester comes to a close, it is important to look back and reflect on the many doors that this program opened us up to. While it was a lot of hard work, each and every student has come out of this year stronger, more confident, and more prepared for the business world! 

IME is proud to announce that they will be working with the Lethbridge Special Olympics next year for their community projects. Meetings with future IME students are already taking place, and this years IME class is looking forward to seeing the great legacy of IME continue!