Culinary Cook-Off Fundraiser Recap + Advice for Next Year

It's been a long eight months full of hard work, stress, who knows, maybe some tears, but it all wrapped up in the last few weeks, and we, the 2017/18 IME cohort is proud to say we made it, and we raised $3800.00 for Lethbridge Therapeutic Riding Association through our "No Horsin' Around" Culinary Cook-Off fundraiser. 


We held the event at Lethbridge College, and Mark Dieser and the staff and students were amazing supports for us. The students did an amazing job of preparing delicious food for our attendees (yes, there were leftovers that the hungry IME students were happy to consume). They also provided a wonderful venue, the Garden Court, and helped us with any technological set-ups we asked for, so we could have a slide show and live-streaming of the kitchen to stir competition between the two teams. 

The evening was full of laughter, kind words, chirps between chefs, and recognition of how much good the Lethbridge Therapeutic Riding Association brings into the lives of their clients. We are proud to have been able to support them in their mission to empower the mind, body, and spirit of their clients and the affected families. 

Check out the above gallery to see photos from the event! 

The most rewarding part about this whole experience is how the class came together as one functional unit to bring the idea from our peers to life. It truly took a great deal of effort from each of us to pull it off, and it was amazing to see everything come to fruition. 

Here are some more photos from Lethbridge Therapeutic Riding Association, where all the proceeds from the event are going to. 

To next year's IME class, we leave you with this advice: 

- Get to know each other! Go do something as a class. Get drinks, have dinner, hang out, do something outside of the classroom to bond with each other. As a whole class and within each of your groups 

- You get what you put into the program. Be prepared to go the extra mile and take your experience to the next level. Do your best with every presentation and every case, because you are making a real impact not only on yourself, but your peers, and your non-profit as well. It's not just a class. The more you put in, the more you get out. 

- Take fun pictures and make the most of social media. Social media will play a role in marketing your fundraiser, so do everything you can to grow it in the first semester! 

- Enjoy the journey. You only get to do IME once. Make the most of it, enjoy the company and the common goal you share with your classmates. Work hard. Have fun.