I'm on the Case! (Study)

Welcome back avid readers to another week of blogging with Eleanor. We are now in our second week of IME and I'm already DEAD~~just messing with you all, I'm still alive and well. This week I thought I'd tell you a little bit about case studies and case competitions just to peak your interests. Now stick with me.. this right here is very interesting stuff.  

I suppose for many, if not all of us, school is a hypothetical-sorta-thing. We learn these concepts and ideas in class and even for myself (the genius I am) it's always sort of a gamble as to if I'm going to use it again or even if by that time I'll remember it. You never EVER think that all those GLERS and the degree requirements that they make you take are actually going to be useful... That is until you're using them. 

So back to the topic: Case Studies. Basically in the short form you receive information about a company or a division of the company and it's up to you to find the problem and devise a solution. Sounds boring right? WRONG!! It's (surprisingly) fun to be looking at things and remembering all the things you learned in all of those electives, management classes, and GLERS as well as actually applying them. Now I would give you some examples of these things that I learned and that I'm using, but currently we're in a competition to see who comes up with the best solution and I don't want to give my opponents any hints. 

Case studies aren't exclusive to IME, and in our careers as management students at the U of L we're going to do many. However, there is one major difference between the cases we'll do in school and the cases we might tackle in IME. Sometime, middle to end, in October the Special Olympics from Lethbridge will be presenting us with a real, live, actual case, and we as IME students are going to get the opportunity to solve it. TALK ABOUT A REAL LIFE APPLICATION!! 

So just remember while you're taking all those classes that you hate, that you should LISTEN, because one day when you're in IME and actually applying your knowledge you're going to need it. 

Now don't worry, I'll be back in a week to keep you updated.  But for now I'm going to sign off. 


A slightly confused, slightly disorganized, but VERY passionate marketing major