The Special Olympics Case

Welcome back avid readers, I know we left you high and dry for a couple of weeks but we're back with some more enthralling tales of IME. 

As a part of IME we get to work with a local charity, and this year we have been given the privilege of working with the Special Olympics. Special Olympics, if you weren't aware, is a National Organization with delegates in different cities. This organization uses sporting events to promote a healthy and active lifestyle, and improve the well-being of those with intellectual disabilities. Part 1 of working with the Special Olympics allows us to be given an inside look into their organization and solve an internal issue, or take advantage of an opportunity that they may have available. Part 2 involves planning a charity event and raising money for them (more on that in January). 

On October 17th, three members of the Special Olympics Lethbridge executive board came and presented their situation to us. Our class fell wholeheartedly into providing the best solution possible for them. Our hearts went out to these dedicated and hardworking volunteers who are providing an amazing experience for special needs athletes in Lethbridge, as well as in neighboring cities and towns. 

This is privy information so I will keep the nitty gritty to myself, but what I will say is that these volunteers deserve more thanks and gratitude than what they receive. They deserve the very best that 21 "intelligent" students have to offer and we are more than happy to give at least that to them.

Giving back to the community is an integral part of my value set, and so the opportunity to help a local charity as a part of the curriculum in IME seemed like an opportunity too good to pass up. I am personally beyond thrilled to be able to make a difference in not only the volunteers lives, but the organization, and the athletes involved with Special Olympics.

This is an incredible opportunity for us and I would like to extend thanks to the Special Olympics Lethbridge on behalf of myself and my fellow students. We are eager to make a difference.

Until next time, 

Eleanor Knight
a slightly more organized, very passionate marketing major