5 Videos which Poke Fun at the Subjects you're Studying

Have midterms ever drained the joy from your life? You head off to university and you connect with old friends, make new ones and then all of sudden midterms hit you like like a clown car at light-speed. Well, just like 50 clowns packed in a Volkswagen on their way to a gig, IME students know how to have fun and get results while under pressure. Here are some videos primed for a chuckle at the subject areas you've frantically crammed for! Just remember, the whole point of going to university is to make sure you don't end up like the creative accountants and anti-vaxxers on display below!

Introduction to Political Science "American News Coverage" CBC's This Hour has 22 Minutes

Marketing 101 "Wait: Is This Video BRANDED?!" - collegehumor.com

Business Management "Creative Accountants" - Certified Management Accountants of Canada (old organization)

Information Technology "Portable 2 Compared to This Fish" - Compaq (old organization)

Intermediate Biology "If Anti-Vaccine Parents Rode The Magic School Bus" - collegehumor.com

I hope you had a few laughs, but you seriously need to get back to work. If you take IME you'll quickly learn how to do both! 

Your friend,

Warren Mitchell

P.S. VOTE GORGON 2016 - "Choose the Greater Evil"