4 Tips for Studying Ease

Welcome back avid readers: 

We're at that time of year again...MIDTERM SEASON!!! and as we all know midterm season usually involves a minimum of two midterms in every single one of our classes, and runs from the end of September to the very last day of classes. Man do I love university. 

Now granted I knew what I was signing up for when I signed up for IME, but it is A LOT of work and it's pretty time consuming. Yet somehow I manage, and so this week instead of my usual spiel, I thought I'd give you a "buzzfeed-esque" article on my personal tips to balancing school, work, and non-for-profit volunteering.

1. Use a planner!
This one is KEY! I literally could not do all that I do if I did not use my planner. Recently as all my work loads have increased I have taken to scheduling myself constantly, even my naps! If you schedule everything including time for yourself, homework, sleeping, etc. you can hold yourself accountable. 

2.  Prioritize
When you have as much going on as I do, it is important to decide what comes first and what comes second, third, etc. etc. Decide which assignments,  tests, and classes are most important and structure your life around them. If you have a test worth 5% it's okay to study harder for the test that is worth 50%. I mean don't get me wrong, you should study for all your tests, but it's okay to divide your time unequally.

3. Let some things slide
If you screw up, don't feel guilty. As the old saying goes "there is no use crying over spilt milk" and it's completely true. Most professors do not issue make up tests, nor will they let you redo an assignment if you get a crap grade. If you spend your time trying to convince a professor, or worrying about your grade you can't focus on the present and you're more likely to let other things slide as well. 

4. Leave some time for yourself
As much as school can take over your life (believe me I know) you shouldn't let it. School is school. You HAVE to balance the stress with something that helps you relax, something that gives you piece of mind. If you don't... I mean I'm not going to say that you're going to implode but I'm not, not saying that either. 

I am not the be all and end all of studying advice, but this is what works for me. This is how I manage to make it through my insanely busy life. And believe me when I say.. if it wasn't worth it, I wouldn't do it OR preach it! Good luck with studying, and I'll see you on the other side... a.k.a in a couple weeks from now. 


a slightly more organized, and very passionate marketing major